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The Importance of Using a Flea and Tick Repellent

Medical science has already proven that the presence of ticks and fleas to all your pets will provide ailment outbreaks due to their ability to transmit diseases. Ticks and fleas cause decreased economic stability in all your livestock, for these tiny suckers adversely affect the health of their hosts. Loss of blood is the immediate effect of ticks that acts as a potential target for haemo-protozoa parasites. When these blood sucking parasites infiltrate the pets, they cause the reduction of weight due to severe anemia and affects the health of the pets.

Fleas and ticks that infest your pets such as cats, dogs and even cows, could cause a lot of deteriorating health due to stress and restless disorder. And when your animal business suffers these types of fleas and ticks infiltration, absolutely, there is a total failure and losses to your business. So it is very important to eradicate these fleas and ticks devastation before experiencing great losses in your animal business. In such a way, there are various methods and approaches on how to eliminate or control these festive and injurious insects.

Technologically, there are lots of products available today in the pet store or animal clinic facility to treat dogs and cats. They are in the form of oral medication, topical application, sprays, collars and even shampoos. Product information is also labeled and included to ensure the safety use for your pets. However, not all products have the same application, and also some are not intended for puppies and kittens. So it is very important to consult your veterinarian for the most appropriate application and treatment for your pets.

Veterinarians on the other hand, play an important role in keeping the safety of your pets. They are the licensed individuals who can perform professional medication to your sick pets. They can also diagnose certain diseases of the pets and authorise prescribed medicine to heal the sickly pets. Without them, mass infiltration of fleas and ticks will scatter inside your house and also affect the health of your family.

Regular grooming of the pets is another way to prevent the mass infiltration of these harmful insects to your pets. This grooming activity will benefit your pet as well as your family from flea and tick invasion. However, some pet owners mistakenly believe that pet grooming is purely a non essential task just to keep your pets looking so great. But nevertheless, though this will also provide an added benefit to keep your pet looking very sharp, grooming your pet on a daily basis will also provide an intimate relationship between you and your pets.

Grooming your pet will enable you to strengthen the bond that connects deeply between you and your dear pet. Likewise it removes dead hair and skin from its original coat and even provides shiny and healthy fur. In addition, it allows the pet owner to check further the presence of fleas and ticks under their thick fur. And importantly, it enables the owner to perform a thorough check of your pets’ body for any lumps and bumps that could be possibly a blood sucker tick.

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